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Removed window and completely reconstructed front with wood  structure and fibreglass exterior.  Now this overcab bunk is strong and  safe.


When the white rubber roof turns black, it means the UV protectant  layer has oxidized from sun exposure and the roof is no longer  protecting the RV from the elements. The above example is an extreme  case of oxidization and this RV owner was very fortunate that the roof  did not leak. A new rubber roof was installed.


The  roof had been leaking and caused water damage and rot to the wood  trusses, sheeting, and insulation.  Old rubber taken off, new trusses  constructed and installed, new insulation and sheeting added, topped off  with a new rubber roof with sealant. 



transformed a 13 foot Ford Transit Van from a cargo hauler to an RV  complete with fridge, furnace, bed, cupboards, lights, water and  electric systems.